Cover-bowl along of wrinkles

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1 egg white,

1 soup spoon lemon breeding juice

1 teaspoonful great sea salt

Ground oatmeal.

Whisk white with lemon breeding juice and salt to a little foam, thickeners mask rice. Apply on polish skin softly steamed, let very dry and roll the massotherapy lines.

Apply to skin moisturizing or nourishing fluid or one of these covers.

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Cover with pear from wrinkles

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Really, it should be noted, intricate facials cover. There's the porridge boil rice with natural milk, and natural butter to flavor it, and even pear with mint added. In basic, once you know where best to put: on a face or mouth. But a person still somehow useful - and however less calories, and a cover itself promises to rejuvenate the skin, and from age spots gradually spare.

A cover of strawberry

0.5 cups of sweet grapes,

2 soup spoon spoons of rice,

1 spoon natural milk

1 egg yolk

1 spoon olive or almond oil

4.3 leaf of good mint (you can substitute essence butter).

Making and apply a cover of strawberry

Seethe rice in milk.

Give rice porridge to cool to room temperature, so append a crumpled pear, finely chopped mint and olive oil whipped with chicken egg.

Everything attentively.

Use a cover ready to polish face, neck, arms, shoulders, neck space.

Hold for 20-25 min, then rinse with warm aqua. Rinse a skin with cool.

If required, apply a moisturizer.

Course covers Strawberry

3-4 days for six weeks.

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Very simple mask of skin wrinkles

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This cover is specifically goodness for very dry aging skin. Ingredients not Think about it it is easier, and a preparation of elementary does not happen. But to sluice off the mask, will possess trouble. But it's possible it's worth. As, even with a cover for the face how properly as elsewhere, are not you strive - do not know.

The mask of wrinkles

1 chicken egg,

1 tsp. Of sea buckthorn butter,

Salt (sol, sodium chloride) on the tip of a knife.

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2 ripe banana masks and skin care mask

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Winter is - while big bananas. Apples is nutritious and satisfying, not just for a winter frost. And weary winter winds, cold-blooded weather face it is even a taste to come.

Just a banana facials and masks mask

0.5 medium banana

0.5 teaspoon of cream, sour serum, yogurt without additives and dyes,

5.3 drops of grapefruit juice

0.5 tsp of olive butter.

Mash with a spoon banana and add to a medium banana gruel all other components of a cover. Combine all until creamy.

Apply the cover to a clean damp face, neck skin, decollete.

Hold for 15-20 min, so carefully remove the remnants of a cover with a tissue. If this is required, ablution and put on a face cream.

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