Purifying Face care Cover with eucalyptus


It is proposed to apply a pharmacy alcohol tincture of eucalyptus. Alcohol for skin today out of fashion, and even condemned, but on a other mitt, he and very dry, and disinfect, and use a mask is not offered every time.

The cover

0.5 Art. Spoon alcohol tincture of eucalyptus.

2 spoon tablespoons liquidity honey.

2 soup spoon spoonful the bran or ground oatmeal.

0.5 teaspoons of grapefruit extract.

Production and apply

Heat the natural honey in a water bath, combining bran cereal, throw in the tincture of eucalyptus.

Allow to cool to a nice mask for a skin temperature, add the lemon fresh juice. Everything attentively.

Use a cover on clean out damp facial skin, hold Thirty minutes, so roll up a massotherapy lines.

Wash out with cold-blooded water and use a mask tightens pores.

Course covers

2 covers per 7 days for a month.

Put any look at this cleansing mask for a facial skin. Rather, it is not even face cover, and stepwise procedure of deep cleansing. Perhaps the process has long been familiar to you, but here's the coffee grounds to clean, you see, is not so frequently used.

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